Elizabeth Industrial Area

Elizabeth (South Australia) was planned with an industrial area. In the west and in the south are two large industrial areas totaling some 1,100 acres.  These industrial estates are separated from the residential areas by means of open reserves.  They are easy of access by the employees and are situated near the living areas, as well as road and rail transport.

Holden's factory and surrounding industrial area.

Holden’s factory and surrounding industrial area.

The largest single industrial site is being developed by General Motors-Holden’s Pty. Limited.  The Company has progressively established an impressive plant on its 312-Acre area since 1958.

Several manufacturers supplying the Australian market (and, in some cases, the overseas market) have begun production in new factories at Elizabeth (South Australia) – Pinnock Manufacturing Co. Ltd., is making domestic sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, oil space heaters, lawn movers and slotted steel angle; Broons Containers (S.A.) Pty. Ltd., makes fibreboard containers and packaging materials; and Texas Instruments Australia Limited, which is a subsidiary of Texas Instruments Incorporated of the United States of America, is producing non-ferrous cold rolled strip and electrical control devices.

Schrader-Scovill Company Proprietary Limited, a subsidiary of the Scovill Manufacturing Company Incorporated of the United States of America, manufactures air valve equipment; Kenwood Peerless Proprietary Limited, a subsidiary of Kenwood Manufacturing Company Limited, of the United Kingdom, is manufacturing a range of food mixers and food processing items.  Caterpillar of Australia Ltd., a subsidiary of Caterpillar Tractor Company of the United States of America, is manufacturing forklift handling vehicles.

Electric storage batteries are made at Elizabeth by South Australian Battery Makers Pty. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Chloride Electrical Storage Co. Ltd., of England, the largest battery makers in the British Commonwealth.  Bliss Welded Products Ltd., a subsidiary of Gulf & Western Industries of the United States of America, manufactures intravenous fluids.

Pyrotechnics Pty. Ltd. has established a unit to manufacture fireworks and commercial pyrotechnics in this State.  Ernest Wirth Pty. Limited, and an associate company, Kentish Clothes Pty. Limited, are manufacturing tailors of men’s ready-made suits and sports clothes.  James Hardie and Co. Pty. Limited manufactures “Fibrolite” asbestos cement pressure water pipe.  Australian Liquid Air Pty. Limited a subsidiary of Societe L’Air Liquide of France manufactures industrial gases.

Metal manufactures (S.A.) Pty. Ltd., which is well-known as the largest manufacturer in Australia of non-ferrous wires and cables.  Cable Makers Australia (S.A.) Proprietary Limited is also well-known in Australia and manufactures a range of cables and wires.

Worldwide Cams Pty. Ltd., as subsidiary of Alberta Trailer Company (1961) Ltd., of Canada, is manufacturing industrial trailer camps.  L.B. Stockdale Pty. Ltd., which has a close association with the well-known machine tool manufacturer, Kerry’s (Great Britain) Ltd., is active in machine tool manufacture and reprecisioning.

Some 30 other companies have also established at Elizabeth (South Australia) and between them cover a wide variety of service industry and manufacturing activities such as :- mechanical and electrical engineering; radio, T.V. and electrical appliance repairs; transport and shipping agents; garden nursery supplies; structural, general and precision engineering; printing; crash repairs and spray painting and manufacture of aerated waters; sheet metal products; rotary brooms and concrete products.

How many of these survive today?

Elizabeth (South Australia)

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