Haunted – Adelaide Arcade

Adelaide Arcade (South Australia)

Built in 1885, Adelaide Arcade was Australia’s first retail centre to have electric lighting.

But as (Adelaide Lord Mayor) Martin Haese explains, in 1887, the Arcade’s resident caretaker Francis Cluney, investigating a flickering light, slipped and fell into the arcade’s generator, to this day, it’s not clear if it was an accident, or murder.

It is understood his ghost has been wandering the arcade since, often on the upper levels, where there are fewer people.

Staff at Manhattan Dry Cleaners, near the site of Cluney’s death, say they deal with spooky incidents daily.

But rumour has it, it’s not just Francis that haunts the place.

In 2004, the arcade’s resident psychic, Joan Lesley, told The Advertiser she saw Francis “every day’’ and added there was another ghost called Ken, who was Francis’ friend.

“There’s a woman here but she won’t tell me her name – she smothered her child with a pillow and is too ashamed to identify herself,” she said at the time.

Adelaide Arcade

Adelaide Arcade (South Australia)

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