The Clock Tower of Elizabeth

The clock tower was built so that Elizabeth would have a focal point. The sound of chimes first rang out over Elizabeth (South Australia) at 10am on Friday 22nd May, 1970.

Clock Tower (56)

The five bells comprised Westminster Chimes, weighing a total of (1328 kg) 2,927 lbs and the stricker alone weights half a ton. The bells were made at the Whitechapel Bell foundry in London, and the tower stands 104 feet high. The bells were stamped at the time of casting with the name “Mears” and dated 1968 London. The bells do not swing back and forth but are stationary and are struck by a mechanical hammer. The stricker was made by Messers Gillen and Johnston of Croydon England.

It was hope that the chimes would first ring out over Elizabeth (South Australia) on new Years Eve to welcome 1970, but unfortunately the strickers did not arrive on time.

The four faces of the clock are each approximately 2 ½ metres square. The bells chime every 15 minutes.

The Clock tower stands tall and square
With a face you can see whenever you care
It stands as a symbol great and tall
Looking over the city, the shops and mall
A symbol of status is this clock to me
Whenever I look up the time to see
I remember back to the town at its birth
And now see a city of great worth.

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