Northern Downs Resident Association


Nissen huts first used as the local hall

Began early 1966.

Council placed a Nissen Hut & Lloyd’s house to be used by the community until a more permanent structure is erected.  The Council loaned $20000 for the hall construction.

The hall opened in 21st June 1969 by Chairman of the Munno Para Council E.H.V Riggs.

The hall contained four badminton and one basketball court.  Surrounding this was a kitchen, bar area, two storerooms, toilets and committee room.  The hall could accommodate 400 people for a dance with enough room for dancing.

The halls have been used as children’s club, basketball club, pensioners club, bingo, immunization clinics, with Saturday evening hire booked.

Despite a healthy bank account, vacancies on the Management committee could not be found meant the Association may have to close in 1979.  The lease of the building was taken over in December 1981, after the Association disbanded.


NDRA hall under construction

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