How Elizabeth got its Name

union-jack-fadedTo accommodate the influx of new British migrants to South Australia after the second world war,  the Housing Trust of South Australia set about acquiring farm land, that would be used to built houses on. For awhile the new development was referred to as the ‘New Town’. There was much discussion over what to call the new town, local author, Max Fatchen in a poem wrote;

Nameless no longer, for fame will befall it,
The town has a title (but what will they call it?)

The Housing Trust was partial to the name Playford, after Premier Sir Thomas Playford, but he was not keen. Sir Playford was asked once more, he again declined. It was then left to Sir Playford choose the new towns name.

After some deliberation, he decided upon the name Elizabeth. Adelaide was a Queen’s name, the airfield was Edinburgh and there was no other pace of that name. Migrants coming from England would feel welcomed by a city with a familiar name. On the 16th November 1955, Sir Thomas declared the new town was to be known as “Elizabeth”.

The Royal and English theme continued in street names such as “Prince Charles Walk”, Windsor Green”, Philip Highway. Another connection with royalty is the use of the red, white and blue colours as adopted by the Centrals football team it as their club colours.

Elizabeth  (South Australia).

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