Elizabeth Council Coat of Arms

The Elizabeth Coat of Arms (Elizabeth, South Australia) is steeped in symbolism linking the present day Elizabethan era with the Elizabethan era of old, which has built up the British Empire.

In the centre of the coat of arms is an Elizabethan ship sailing toward the Southern Cross thus symbolising adventure and faith in the future which had led pioneers to settle in Australia originally.

Above the shield are ears of wheat representing the fact that the land where the city now stands was once farming land.

Elizabeth crest

Elizabeth crest

The motto FIDE ET LABORE means Faith and Hard Work, a motto that no early pioneer could shirk and as the modern day pioneers settled into the town they too found the inspiration to work hard and found faith in their new venture.

Above the coat of arms is the crown over the letter E which symbolises that HM Queen Elizabeth ІІ gave her blessing for the city to bear her name.

(Elizabeth, South Australia)

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