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The Housing Trust has always understood that its duty is not merely to build as many houses as possible, but to consider popular requirements in size and variety of houses for sale and for rental. It must also provide as much as possible for diversity of appearance and to ensure that the cost of its houses and, therefore, the rents or purchase prices, are within the means of most people.

Brochure cover

Brochure cover

Throughout the development of Elizabeth (South Australia) some 45 different designs of houses have been built for sale.  Periodically – to keep pace with modern trends – designs become superseded and new ones are added.

The sale price of houses offered by the Trust at Elizabeth includes land, fencing, the cost of providing made roads, street pavements, kerbing and water table.  In addition, all transfer and legal fees including stamp duty are paid by the Trust.

All houses built for sale are provided with electric or gas stoves, cupboards, linen cupboards, stainless steel sink and wash trough, insulated ceilings and gas or electric hot water services.  Most homes built for sale by the Trust have air-conditioning and a limited number of the more expensive houses for sale have more elaborate fittings.

Watch a 20 minute film created by the South Australian Housing Trust in 1960, to encourage migration to the state, and specifically to the new northern City of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth (South Australia)

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