Preparations for the Opening of Elizabeth

This took place on the morning of November 16th 1955 on open space adjacent to where the first houses were constructed towards the south. At the time, tracks only were provided for transport in fact two only were used. Gluepot Road from Salisbury (South Australia) and the other referred to as Judd’s Road (off Main North Road). Bus transport was provided for invited guests from Adelaide. These left from in front of Parliament House. The ABC was to provide the radio broadcast, and this required a telephone line to do so. Two lines only were available in the whole area. The Trust was given permission to use one in a house owned by Mr Nitschke and was to be used by the interstate journalists covering the event. The other, at Judd’s house was for the ABC.

A crew arrived a few days before and arranged the cable on poles, quickly erected on the few trees that were growing. On the morning of the 16th a test was carried out and found to be faulty. An investigation revealed the cable had been eaten by birds and hasty repairs were carried out. Another problem was the public address system operator. He lost his way to the site and was late arriving. The Premier, The Hon. T. Playford continued the secrecy of the name of the new city. In fact, most present were of the opinion it would be Edinburgh and when he announced Elizabeth there was a short pause before it was applauded. A luncheon for the guest followed and in the afternoon drinks were provided for all the workers, estimated at approx. 300.

Elizabeth (South Australia)

From Ted Bowden Oral History interview, 1996

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