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Native apricot or peach tree, one of the last in the Peachey Belt area from which it gets its name.

Significant Trees, Elizabeth – South Australia

Often an out of place tree in a new residential area is a reminder of what was there beforehand.  Old fruit trees in odd places, large palm trees or gum trees may be all that remains of an old homestead.  The National Trust have been working on significant tree list and have identified trees, indigenous and non from around the […]

Preparations for the Opening of Elizabeth

This took place on the morning of November 16th 1955 on open space adjacent to where the first houses were constructed towards the south. At the time, tracks only were provided for transport in fact two only were used. Gluepot Road from Salisbury (South Australia) and the other referred to as Judd’s Road (off Main North Road). Bus transport was provided […]

Memories of Tommy the Elephant

Memories of Tommy the Elephant described in ‘Caleb 1849-1926’ by Paul M Hoskins. I remember back to my 7th birthday in July 1856, and my birthday request was to go and see ‘Tommy” the Asian elephant that lived only three miles from us at the Gepps Cross Hotel (South Australia).  At the annual Agricultural and Horticultural Show in the Adelaide Parklands […]

Beautiful Elizabeth Postcards

Sometimes you come across gems in your collections.  I love this post card set that was produced around the 1960’s, featuring images of Beautiful Elizabeth (South Australia).  If anyone can place the aerial photograph, more specifically than Elizabeth, I would love to know.    

Beautiful Elizabeth

The Great Elephant Race of 1963 – Elizabeth

On Sunday August 25th 1963, a crowd of between 2,500 and 3,000 people ignored the cold weather to watch Elizabeth’s (South Australia) most unusual spectacle, the great Elephant race. The race was run by the Elizabeth Lions Club to raise funds for the Miss Elizabeth Quest. The participants were Elizabeth jeweller, Phil Zamel riding Jodie and Darryl Squires riding Jumbo. The […]

How did Peachey Belt get its Name?

Peachey Belt (South Australia) The name Peachey Belt was in common usage as early as 1846. It was spelt as Peachy or Peachey. There are two conflicting explanations for the original of the name in current use. One claims to be the name is derived from the native peach or quandong found on the plains. The other attributes the name to […]

Native apricot or peach tree in the Peachey Belt area from which it gets its name.

How Elizabeth got its Name

To accommodate the influx of new British migrants to South Australia after the second world war,  the Housing Trust of South Australia set about acquiring farm land, that would be used to built houses on. For awhile the new development was referred to as the ‘New Town’. There was much discussion over what to call the new town, local author, […]

Northern Downs Resident Association

Began early 1966. Council placed a Nissen Hut & Lloyd’s house to be used by the community until a more permanent structure is erected.  The Council loaned $20000 for the hall construction. The hall opened in 21st June 1969 by Chairman of the Munno Para Council E.H.V Riggs. The hall contained four badminton and one basketball court.  Surrounding this was […]

The Clock Tower of Elizabeth

The clock tower was built so that Elizabeth would have a focal point. The sound of chimes first rang out over Elizabeth (South Australia) at 10am on Friday 22nd May, 1970. The five bells comprised Westminster Chimes, weighing a total of (1328 kg) 2,927 lbs and the stricker alone weights half a ton. The bells were made at the Whitechapel Bell […]

Smithfield Migrant Hostel, South Australia

The Smithfield Migrant Hostel (South Australia) was situated in a former army camp adjacent to the railway yards at Smithfield. The camp had been set up as a Military Supply Depot for country areas north of Smithfield in early 1941. Seven large stores constructed of wood and iron, together with the administration and other buildings were in use until the camp […]