South Australia

How Did Peachey Belt Get Its Name?

Peachey Belt (Elizabeth, South Australia) The name Peachey Belt was in common usage as early as 1846. It was spelt as Peachy or Peachey. There are two conflicting explanations for the original of the name in current use. One claims to be the name is derived from the native peach or quandong found on the plains. The other attributes the […]

Smithfield area layout

Smithfield Munitions Factory

During the early days of WWII, the Commonwealth Government embarked upon a major expansion to manufacture munitions. Four munitions facilities were constructed in and around Adelaide (South Australia), small arms factory at Hendon, a foundry and rolling mill at Finsbury, and explosive and filling factory at Salisbury and a magazine area at Smithfield. The Smithfield magazine was built early in […]

The A-Z History Behind Adelaide’s Suburbs

WHEN you give someone your address, you’re telling them a lot more about where you live than you realise. Suburb names provide a snapshot of an area’s history, who settled there, how people lived and what it used to look like. Flinders Park was named after explorer Matthew Flinders, and many of the streets within the suburb are named after […]

The Chrysler Royal – Australia

The Chrysler Royal, 1957. This car was manufactured at the Chrysler Australia Ltd plant in Keswick, South Australia. The Chrysler Royal is an automobile which was produced by Chrysler Australia from 1957 to 1963. After investing in tooling to stamp body panels for the 1954 P25 series Plymouth locally, and with Chrysler headquarters in Detroit unwilling to assist in the […]

Holden's factory and surrounding industrial area.

Elizabeth Industrial Area

Elizabeth (South Australia) was planned with an industrial area. In the west and in the south are two large industrial areas totaling some 1,100 acres.  These industrial estates are separated from the residential areas by means of open reserves.  They are easy of access by the employees and are situated near the living areas, as well as road and rail transport. […]

Elizabeth Bronze Dancing Figures

During 1961 Mr Henry Wells, Chairman of the Hemel Hempstead Development Corporation, visited Elizabeth. Hemel Hempstead was one of the new towns created in England at the time. Mr Wells was pleased with what he saw at Elizabeth and as a result arranged for a presentation to be made to the people of Elizabeth from the people of Hemel Hempstead. […]

The Elizabeth Civic Theatres

The Elizabeth Civic Theatres were officially opened on 21st August, 1965 by the Governor of South Australia, Sir Eric Bastyan. They were designed by Geoffrey Shedley, chief Architect of the South Australian Housing Trust, and built by the Elizabeth City Council (South Australia) at a cost of approximately half a million dollars. The final design resulted in two separate units, an […]

Elizabeth Marching Girls

They take their sport seriously. Every weekend thousands of girls in every State don jaunty caps, short skirts, and high white boots, and march. They march through the streets, a parks, in playing fields. They march at football matches, carnivals, Mardi Gras, and fetes. A festive occasion in Australia isn’t complete without a team of marching girls these days. The […]

Smithfield Speedway, South Australia

In early 1926 The Motor cycle club of (South Australia) had ambitious plans to build promote and run their own Speedway track in (South Australia). Speedway was up and running at showground’s and other venues around Australia but local riders had no tracks to race or practice on in Adelaide. Smithfield – 1926 to 1930, it also has the distinction […]