Elizabeth History

Elizabeth, South Australia – History

Adamson Flour Mill

Smith’s Creek – Smithfield

Smith Creek was a small running stream of clear water originating from a spring in the foothills that passed through ...
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Elizabeth Grove Uniting Church

Elizabeth Grove Uniting Church

Formerly Elizabeth Grove Methodist Church (until 1977) 114 Harvey Rd & Fairfield Rd, Elizabeth Grove. The Church was the first ...
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In 2009, Bob was immortalised with a statue on Main Street, Peterborough

Australia’s Railway Dog – Bob

Bob hitch-hiked across the South Australian railway system in the late 1800s. There have been a lot of iconic characters ...
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Adelaide Arcade

Haunted – Adelaide Arcade

Adelaide Arcade (South Australia) Built in 1885, Adelaide Arcade was Australia’s first retail centre to have electric lighting. But as ...
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Elizabeth Vale Street Names

During the stages of planning the Lyell McEwin Hospital the Housing Trust sought advice and help in planning, organising and ...
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Kettering Road Water Tower

Kettering Road Water Tower – Elizabeth

A six level water tower of reinforced concrete once was clearly visible around Elizabeth (South Australia), before trees and buildings ...
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HMAS Protector Naval gun, Windsor Green near old John Martins, Elizabeth South Australia 5112

The HMAS Protector Naval Gun

The Department of Navy presented a late 19th Century four inch Naval gun from the HMAS Protector to the City ...
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early GMH Holden emblem.

How Holdens Came to Elizabeth

In late 1955, Sir Tom Playford managed to persuade the President of General Motors that any new Holden factory should ...
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Brochure cover

Housing Trust Homes, Elizabeth

The Housing Trust has always understood that its duty is not merely to build as many houses as possible, but ...
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Smithfield plans

Smithfield, South Australia

Smithfield (South Australia) is located in an area that was once known as the Gawler Plains. It lies on the ...
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First Football Club at Elizabeth

Extracted from an oral history interview with Bren Gillen in 1996. The first club (Elizabeth, South Australia) was the football club, ...
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Little Para River in flood, 1960

Little Para River Flood, 1963

The Little Para River, notorious for its flooding in earlier years, came down in a flash flood shortly after 5pm ...
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Elizabeth crest

Elizabeth Council Coat of Arms

The Elizabeth Coat of Arms (Elizabeth, South Australia) is steeped in symbolism linking the present day Elizabethan era with the ...
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How Did Peachey Belt Get Its Name?

Peachey Belt (Elizabeth, South Australia) The name Peachey Belt was in common usage as early as 1846. It was spelt ...
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