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The HMAS Protector Naval Gun

The Department of Navy presented a late 19th Century four inch Naval gun from the HMAS Protector to the City of Elizabeth (South Australia) in 1962. At this time the Navy, in conjunction with the RSL, were distributing wartime memorabilia to communities around Australia, for safe keeping. HISTORY of HMAS Protector: The gunboat Protector was ordered in 1883 and built […]

HMAS Protector Naval gun, Windsor Green near old John Martins, Elizabeth South Australia 5112

Smithfield area layout

Smithfield Munitions Factory

During the early days of WWII, the Commonwealth Government embarked upon a major expansion to manufacture munitions. Four munitions facilities were constructed in and around Adelaide (South Australia), small arms factory at Hendon, a foundry and rolling mill at Finsbury, and explosive and filling factory at Salisbury and a magazine area at Smithfield. The Smithfield magazine was built early in […]